Take advantage of color in business

Take advantage of color in business

Color has always been something that we can see in our everyday life yet it provides different meanings and interpretations. It is also a good psychological tool. Different colors used  can send out a positive or negative message from  encouraging sales to calming a crowd. Colors affect us both physically and psychologically . This, in turn, determines our mood and feelings towards others and the reaction others have towards us. We can use colors to our advantage in many situations and knowing what certain colors communicate will help you create the message and influence your wish to convey. Having them in your attire and presentation kits will  help you to a certain extent, in achieving your goals.

This information below will help you decide what colors to use in your business meetings or sales presentations.
Colours for Business Meetings (with colleagues or clients)
Black Power and authority
Navy Blue Trustworthiness
Deep Grey Bespeaks success and strength
Camel Appears non-threatening, stable, supportive and reliable
Earth Projects warmth and sensuality
Colours for Sales Presentations
Blue To inspire trust – this is the best colour for sales
Orange Friendly as it appeals to all
Yellow Cheerful, stimulating and motivating
Deep Pink Calms and inspires others
As you can see, the colors as mentioned above will help you convey different meanings. You could wear or show them  if you wish to take advantage of the situation. You could try to see how the color combination could work out for you. At the end of the day. this will only get you into the room in a good note, the rest will be up to your presentation skills.

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