New Product Updates

For this release, we have focused more on enhancing the current user experience. Here’s are some major changes we have made

  1. File tab is now called repository
  2. Scripts has been moved under Leads
  3. Multiple contact and email support

File tab is now called repository 
One of the struggles we had was if having too many tabs will confuse users instead of giving users the powerful functionalities they need. File is such a tab, we have moved File to the top right called repository. It will be a common folder where you can attach files from repository to places such as deal.

Here’s a preview of the repository tab
Screenshot 2014-09-23 00.02.01

Scripts has been moved under Leads

We have received feedbacks on how users always stay at the lead page and scripts is something where we felt is a core when you have to call your customer. Here’s how script looks like, when you add a script, it will be viewable from each lead detail when you make a call! 🙂

Screenshot 2014-09-23 00.05.35

Multiple numbers or email for a lead
A huge feature request was that a lead can have multiple contact numbers and QuickDesk only support one number per lead. We have finally created this feature! Try adding an additional info for your lead eg. title as “second number” with value as any number and there will be an icon for you to add the number to the call center!


Back to work!

This week we have released mainly changes to enhance the user experience. I’d love your feedback on what we can do next to make QuickDesk serve you better.

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