New Product Updates

This week, we have released four exciting updates thanks to the feedback from all of you users 🙂 . Here’s what they are:

  1. Have more controls over your statistics
  2. Quickly add leads to call center from History
  3. Able to call overseas number
  4. User Interface overhaul

I’ll give you a quick overview of each. Let’s jump in

Have more controls over your statistics 

We have added date filter and online duration timer tracking. On the right is where you can select the date and range filter and at the bottom we have added in an online box which indicate the total time the user is online during this duration.

Quickly add leads to call center from History

In the history tab, you can see both the lead number and their name. You can also easily add them to the call center or SMS them.

Able to call overseas number

There was feedback that calling overseas number is needed, and we have just enabled it 🙂 Simply add an oversea number such as +650 853-1300 (Facebook number) and you can call.

Charges for overseas call can be found here

User Interface overhaul

We felt that the old user interface simply has too many navigation from the top. In doing so, we have shifted a navigation level to the left. Here’s how leads page looks like now. We hope you will like it 🙂


Back to work!

We just introduced new exciting features into the product. There’s more in the pipeline that we’ll be sharing with you soon. (Hint Hint, Appointment sync with Google Calendar).


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