Qualify Leads

Qualify Leads

I have previously written an article regarding 10 Ways to Generate More Leads. Some of you might have been able to generate many leads. For those who did not, there is no need to worry. What matters most is the quality of the leads. In this article, I would go through some questions you will need to ask to qualify your leads and thus turning them into quality leads. As salesperson, it is essential that you should know the value of good qualification techniques. With proper qualification, you can swiftly increase your leads in just a snap. This can greatly help you in saving your most precious time and your closing ratio.

Create your own sales prospect checklist and waste no time in generating more leads. The checklist will help you prevent from wasting your time with people who will just know your product and in the end, won’t buy the product. Here’s an idea for your checklist to qualify your leads:

1.Are you using any of our services now?

This will help you determine if the client already have hint about your products and services and this will save you from more effort in explaining and you can just focus on the specific services that the client wants and in the process, you can insert new offers.

2.Have you evaluated any of our services?

Knowing how your client sees your products and services will help you to improve them. Your client’s feedback is very important so that you can see where you should focus your sales strategies.

3.What other services have you evaluated?

This question can better help you what specific part you need to improve with your product or service so that you can level up with others and eventually surpass them in terms of quality.

4.How large is your company?

Determining the size of the client’s company is relevant when making marketing decisions so that you will know where to focus.

5.Are you an Independent department?

This gives you reminders of the client’s limitations and what you can do more to offer.

6.Do you have a budget for this purchase?

Of course, you should know if the client is capable of paying. Through this, you can make arrangements or negotiations to close the deal.

7.What do you do at your company?

Client’s position and stable job should be addressed so that you will know if the client is potential to give you more lead.

8.Are you in charge of product/service evaluation?

To better out your sales, proper orientation about your product must be addressed.

9.Are you the decision maker for this purchase?

Knowing this will help you to pursue the sales process with the right person.

10.Have you evaluated the return on investment?

Knowledge with ROI means that the client can be meticulous when it comes to quality buy.

11.How soon do you plan to use our services?

This will help you bring urgency to your client to use your services as soon as possible.

12.How significant, do you think is the savings from using our services?

You can make evaluations on this so that you can help your client when it comes to decision-making.

Using a sales prospect checklist can help you determine if your client to meet can afford your products or services for a specific marketing need. In this manner, you will avoid wasting time with those who will not be a buyer at the end of the sales process. As a salesperson, it is important that you should know the right person whom you can talk to regarding your products and services.

You need to come up with good qualification for you sales prospect so that you are guaranteed that you are not wasting time and effort with the wrong person. In digital marketing and other businesses of this kind, time is money. You can’t afford to lose bigger amount of money just because you talked to the wrong person

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