Qualifying Leads

We have now started on the whole business sales process starting with Generating Leads last week. Together with Amos, the Asian Salesman, we were able to better understand how he is able to change his knowledge, attitude, skills & accountability when generating leads. Those changes had to be made in order for him to increase his sales capabilities thus reaching his quota. Now, let us move on to the next sales process called Qualifying Leads. We will see how Amos is able to change when qualifying leads, in order to be a better salesperson.

Qualify Leads

Qualifying leads is about having a set of criteria to properly judge the quality of the possible clients. Without this, much time, effort and resources would be wasted in chasing bad leads. What Amos did before was not to have any criteria due to the relationship he had with his clients. They were referred to him by his family, friends and other existing clients. Therefore, there was not much qualifying to do. If you have read how Amos had to generate leads, he needed to be more proactive. So his current way of qualifying his leads would not work anymore. This is because he needs to work with a bigger pool by going out there and look for leads, not relying on others. Therefore, he needs to have a simple yet effective criteria in order to qualify those leads or end up wasting time and effort chasing bad ones. Let us look at how Amos can bridge the gap between his current profile and the expectations of the company by looking into his knowledge, attitude, skills and accountability.

Amos would need to start by increasing his product knowledge and awareness on general customer profile. He would also need to start reading up on how to create an effective criteria. For instance, since he is selling credit card plans, he could look into the general profile of a working class, someone smartly dressed in an office attire. The typical working class would be able to apply for a credit card plan as they are earning enough to be eligible for it. As we know, Amos is someone who is shy, hesitant in approaching prospects on the ground. He needs to learn to change that attitude and accept that he needs to work with strangers, not with people he knows. He has to be able to overcome his fear when approaching strangers and learn to move out of his comfort zone, so that he can qualify strangers to see if they are truly prospects.

In order to be good at qualifying leads, Amos needs to be able to make the prospects feel comfortable first by upgrading his repo building skills. After which, he must be able to ask the right questions to determine the quality of those prospects. Therefore, he has to brush up on his fact finding skills and prepare a list of questions to qualify his prospects in the shortest possible time. In doing all these, he needs to have a system to monitor the number of leads coming in, in order to stay accountable. He could do this by recording down his activities and reviewing his performance with his supervisors and managers. This would enable him to sharpen his questions and improve accordingly through trial and error. Most importantly, he can accurately follow the criteria that was set for him to follow.

After reviewing what he has to do to qualify his leads, we have managed to bridge the gap between the actual performance and the desired outcome. This is done so that Amos could be better prepared in reaching his quota. He is now one step closer in achieving his dreams to become a successful salesperson. In next week’s issue, we will be looking at Pre-Approach: The Third Sales Process.

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