What is Selling Considered as, Art or Science?

“Is Selling a Science or an Art?” – This is one of the most common questions that people ask these days. In fact, debates over this matter have been around for decades, people giving their arguments about this subject.

According to some, selling is an art, and that sales people are born with the selling gift. However, when you take a closer look at the top sales organizations in the world, it is evident that science of selling is highly important. Indeed, it would be quite daunting today to find a top-notch company without a scientific approach to sales, as well as, a sales management. So, could you conclude now that selling is actually a science? Well, it is still important to take a look at it in another angle.

Selling Science or Art?

Selling as an Art

Selling includes skills, like how people use tools and apply processes to achieve organizational success. Selling becomes an art because it involves the people behind it and the capabilities they posses, which includes trustworthiness, adaptability, influencing decisions, relationship development skills, political savvy and active listening.

Selling is an art, as it requires talents and skills. It could be based on the personality and the ability to build long-term relationships, not only with the customers, but also with everyone within the organization. For the most part, selling is said to be about relationship building. In order for you to become effective, you must be able to relate to others and focus more on the individual prospect.

Selling as a Science

There are also some evidences to back up the concept or notion that selling is a science. Countless reports have been made to confirm such idea, by offering up statuses to prove efficiencies.The changes in the market lengthen sales cycles and many organizations are facing tougher competition and intense scrutiny on their new projects. With this, there is truly the need for an organized method to help sales teams navigate through the growing complicated sales conditions.

The science side of selling allows sales through the development, as well as application, of systematic operational processes that are measured and monitored. Such processes help companies to track results and influence the chance of success at every phase of the sales process. Various scientific approaches like tactical sales tools and the application of valuable standard processes are some of the keys to sales success. With the use of efficient science-based sales methodologies, companies can drive revenue performance and increase the overall number of sales people who are able to reach their targets.

Now, with the presented arguments, facts and ideas, would it be right to say that selling is just an art or otherwise? As promised before, we will start to look at the concept of selling in the Asian context, for the next few weeks. From there, we will learn about the sales profile together with each sales process.

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