Business Image for Women
It is a natural scenario to be judged through your appearance. That is why if you are someone who is sensitive to what people say in regard to how you dress, learn to be presentable and appealing to the scrutinizing eyes of people. However, this does not mean to put all the colors in you. As the saying goes, “Simplicity is Beauty” which only goes to show that to whatever you wear, as long as you are comfortable, then be confident and look professional on it.

For those women who work on an arena with so many challenges, to appear professional while retaining femininity is difficult.  Several city women in financial organizations opt for tailored shirts and pin striped suits which are from men’s tailor in order to fit in a masculine surrounding. The appropriate outfit can be the distinction between losing your career and climbing a career ladder.

A lot of women struggle to get acquainted with what is the right and acceptable outfit at work. Because if a woman is certain and confident to her outfit, this gives her the drive to succeed in her workplace. If you are a woman and you want some tips on how to dress for success, most especially if you are a woman, you can depend on this guide.

  1.  Decipher what is the usual dress code in you workplace.  If being casual is equivalent to being casual at work too, then replace this to wearing formal shirts and suits. This kind of uniform is easier to adopt.
  2. Try a skirt suit.  A skirt suit works very well in any type of work environment, provided that the skirt is not that tight. If your workplace is casual, a skirt partnered with a colored jacket can look great.  A dress matched as well looks great, provided that the dress is smart looking and not that short or tight. Think of being elegant here.
  3. Prevent from wearing clothes which displays cleavage, midriff tops and other informal clothing like beach sandals, loud jewelries and T-shirts.  Proper grooming is very essential. The hair must be clean, well-cut and does not have extreme cuts or colors.  The make-up must be discrete.  According to many, wearing make-up increases the chance of promotion, only that it should not be overdone.
  4. Select colors which flatter your skin tone.  The traditional colors at work include navy (trustworthy), black (chic), grey (conservative) and red (aggressive and dynamic). To try for other colors such as hot oranges, pink and wild prints can be risky for your career success.
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror prior to leaving the house.  Make sure your clothes are well-ironed and there are no signs of fold in your jeans. Check your shoes too and make certain they are scuffed or too high.  Invest in quality coats and suits. Aim to maintain them for years. Be cautious in buying cheap clothing, cheap jewelry, cheap fabrics as well as in wearing old-fashioned clothes. If your aim is to be promoted at work, look like a confident and competent professional.  As you know, clothes promote powerful messages about who you are. Hence, dress up to make an optimistic impression.
  6. Learn what styles suit you and make certain about your color palette. A personal stylist means paying a personal dresser. If you do not have one, learn to search for the best colors which can bring out the best for your particular hair color and skin tone.  

Consider this guide and find what best suits you. Furthermore, without paying a professional stylist and aside from this guide, there are far more plenty of resources which can advice you in regard to the perfect outfit you can wear on a daily basis at work. Hence, once you get fully acquainted to the style fitted to you, this can be a great opportunity for you to succeed through your dress!

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