Two blog posts ago, we introduced Quick Desk as a

  1. PDPA-compliant,
  2. Sales prospecting and leads managing solution

for sales professionals. We also mentioned that you don’t have to buy our story that it improves your sales performance. Instead, try Quick Desk yourself.

Fast forward two weeks, many sales professionals signed up to try Quick Desk! In fact, we received overwhelming responses for Quick Desk demonstration. To cater to the demand, we organized several sessions of Quick Desk demonstration to let sales professionals experience how their productivity and sales performance can be improved through Quick Desk. Here, we attach some photos of the Quick Desk demonstration held on Aug 22nd, 2014.

(Ken giving an introduction on Quick Desk)

(Steve, in pink, going through Quick Desk step by step)

(Members of the Pear Comms team doing Quick Desk demonstration)

We were heartened by the positive feedback given by the sales professional. Pear Comms is still conducting Quick Desk demonstration on a limited-seat basis. You don’t have to believe us, sign up for Quick Desk demonstration and experience the PDPA-compliant, sales prospecting and leads managing solution for sales professionals!

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