The Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA in Singapore is purposively made to oversee the use, collection as well as disclosure of personal data by companies or organizations to identify the right of any individual for personal data protection and the need of companies or organizations to use, collect or disclose such personal data for reasonable and legitimate purposes.

Companies and organizations including representatives and employees that use collect and disclose any personal data needs to get hold of clear-cut permission through written or any accessible form from the individual in advance.

Recent Cases of People Charged for Breaching PDPA

Star Zest Home Tuition, an intractable tuition agency, had complaints wedged against them from spamming and the director was supposedly charged on June 4 in the State Courts under PDPA with breaching DNC registry requirements. Start Zest is providing middleman services and matches private tutors for students of Kindergarten One up to University levels. This agency had sent unsolicited messages that offer teaching services of different tutors. Through public members, PDPC has established the tuition agency’s identity and the director.

Another group called “The Knowns” have leaked through emailed links to media outlets’ list of member details such as MediaCorp to the public. The said list included names, email ads, contact numbers, marital status, dates of birth, and NRIC numbers of members of more than 317,000 K Box Singapore karaoke entertainment operator. The list also included K Box specific data like K points and membership numbers. The senior management staff said that the company leaves no comment about the issue.

An individual facing the same case is Kuan Chow Sheng, Huttons Asia property agent who has breached the DNC rules under PDPA. He allegedly sent unsolicited telemarketing messages to telephone numbers with DNC registry to promote different Singaporean residential developments. Between February 8 and March 2 of this year, the 33-year old agent had sent text messages to 27 locally registered phone numbers. Kuan is actually the second person who has breached the DNC registry rules next to Star Zest Home Tuition and director Law Han Wei which was fined $78,000.

It is clearly stated under Section 43(1) that individuals or organizations are obliged to monitor DNC registry prior to sending telemarketing messages for telephone numbers in Singapore. If this happened, then the director and the organization will be fined of up to S$10,000 for every message that has been sent.

The Importance of Having Proper Systems for Data Protection

If you are responsible in collecting personal data, you should have a clear security plan in place and someone who can check for data protection. Organizations and agencies should have secure networks to avoid breaching PDPA.

But, a ready solution is offered for you to make it easier and more convenient. PearComms had developed QuickDesk, an integrated software for sales force automation which is PDPA-compliant to help you in leads and sales prospecting management. QuickDesk features voice call as well as sales and lead management functions. It automatically screens telephone numbers against DNC registry and it allows you for sales progress updates and makes a calendar of appointments. It also enables you to analyze, review or improve sales performance.

Avoid Calling Names with Do Not Call Registry

Under the Personal Data Protection Act, organizations are barred from sending telemarketing messages such as text, voice calls, or fax messages to Singapore telephone numbers like residential, business, fixed line, or mobile that is registered with Do Not Call registry.

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