What is PDPA?
PDPA refers to the Personal Data Protection Act (2012). In this post, we first explain what PDPA is and how it affects you, follow by the Do-Not-Call Registry that falls under the PDPA. Next, we introduce a solution that helps sales professionals like you to comply with PDPA.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
The purpose of PDPA is to govern the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by organizations in a manner that recognises:

  1. Right of individuals to protect their personal data
  2. The need of organisations to collect, use or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes

Organizations (including employees and representatives) that collect, use, and/or disclose personal data need to obtain clear and unambiguous consent in written or other accessible form from the respective parties beforehand.

Do-Not-Call Registry (DNC)

Under the PDPA, organizations are prohibited from sending marketing messages (voice calls, text and fax messages) to Singapore telephone numbers (mobile, fixed-line, residential, and business) registered with the Do-Not-Call Registry.

Organizations that intend to send marketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers need to check the numbers against the DNC Registers (unless clear and unambiguous consent in written or other accessible form is obtained). Organizations that breach their duties under DNC provision commit an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not more than S$10,000/offence.

Complying with PDPA
Sales industry professionals like you are amongst the hardest hit, often feeling confused, uncertain, and worried over complying with the PDPA. It is both tedious and costly to constantly check the DNC registers. You can however take relief that there is a ready solution in the market that makes your life easier.

Developed by Pear Comms, Quick Desk is an integrated Sales Force Automation software that is PDPA-compliant and helps you with sales prospecting and leads management. It features the voice call, lead and sales management functions.

Quick Desk automatically screens the telephone number against the DNC registry to avoid calling DNC-registered numbers. After the call, Quick Desk allows you to update your sales progress and make appointments on the calendar. Through Quick Desk sales management function, you can also review, analyze, and improve your sales performance.

To sum it up, Quick Desk helps you comply with PDPA, and provides a helping hand with sales prospecting and leads management. You don’t have to believe us, try Quick Desk yourself! Pear Comms currently offers free trial for a limited time period.


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