An efficient CRM system is proven to help organization attract and retain more clients and also cater to their expectations. They do by a combination of people, processes and the right technology. CRM helps understand and anticipate your customers’ exact requirements and helps you devise a business strategy accordingly, making this one of the top reasons why businesses need CRM software. Understanding your CRM inside out is essential to utilizing it better. For this, a good starting point would be to understand the common CRM terms. Here’s a look.

Calendar reminder

The calendar option lets users set and check their schedule. They can also schedule appointments and tasks. Users can activate calendar reminders and popup browsers will indicate due activities, with details, such as, time, status, and subject.

Campaign mass communications

A marketing campaign is aimed at achieving better sales by a combination of marketing spread across different platforms. This is often done so that newer leads can be generated and then converted to customers. Other objectives of a campaign include brand building and engagement of the customer-ship. CRM software can help to plan, carry out and monitor campaigns.

Communications functionality

CRM offers chat functions which provide instant messaging options that allow two or more users to communicate real-time. This may be public or private. While public chat allows every CRM user into a common chat room and contribute to the conversation, private rooms are meant for two users.


These are individuals of an organization that engage and communicate with your business so that business opportunities can be utilized. Contacts may be from diverse departments in the company or could be multiple contacts. CRM contacts are created by carefully converting qualified leads that have been either individually added or imported from the list.

Field access

Field access lets CRM software users manage the visibility for different fields in different modules. It can also be used to show and hide certain fields. Default settings for field access include fields created before the installation of that particular software program.


Invoices are more commonly known as payment seeking bills issued by vendors to their clients in addition to goods delivered or services rendered. Once a quotation is approved, CRM will use the original draft and the quote detail view to input the data in the invoice automatically.


Purchase orders are documents sent by a company to a supplier. These orders authorize product shipments to the customers at mentioned prices and terms. A purchase serves as a legally binding agreement which can be changed only both parties consent.

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