Customer relationship management (CRM) software could be an asset to small and medium businesses. According to a recent survey, around 74 percent of the businesses are happy about the fact that CRM is giving them improved access to customer data. There are many reasons why businesses need a CRM software. Some of the reasons and benefits include improved relationship management, improved interaction tracking, and improved lead management. However, if you want to make the most of your CRM software, you must make sure your sales team is entering all the required customer information, in the first place. Just entering the name, and contact details of your customers is not enough. Here are some important pieces of information your salespeople must key in to your current CRM system.

Classification data

Entering data that would help classify your customers on the basis of their demographics, industry, and job position is important. For instance, if your salespeople enter data about the age, income, and industry of your customers, it would help you categorize your customers based on the above criteria and thus recognize some common patterns. CRM application like QuickDesk comes with features that would help you classify your customers more easily – if the sales team inputs the necessary data in the system. With a clear picture of the buying behaviours of your specific customer groups, it would be easier to devise an effective marketing strategy accordingly.

The size of a sales deal

Your salespeople should also enter information about the size of your sales deal. This, in the long run, would help you guess the size of a potential deal, so you can invest more time and effort for a potentially larger sales deal, rather than keeping your sales team busy for a low-revenue prospect. To that end, entering data about company size is also important, as large companies are more likely to buy bigger deals.

Audience engagement data

Most businesses today use social media and other online platforms to engage with their current and potential customers. If you can convince your sales team to input that content engagement data into your CRM software, it would help you dig deeper into your customer data and gain more insight about how they make purchase decisions, compare similar products, and what they expect from a vendor. Some companies use marketing automation tools along with CRM. For such companies, it is important to integrate both tools, so that they can automatically send the right content to the right prospects.

The steps to make a purchase

Different customers come to know about your company, products, and services from different marketing channels. For instance, social media could be the source of some leads, while some leads may come through TV ads. Knowing details about customer touch points or the steps your customers took towards finally making a purchase could be useful for your business. Your salespeople should enter information about your customers’ journey towards making a purchase in the CRM software. With that information, any simplified CRM tool like QuickDesk can provide you deeper insights into your customer data.

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