If there is one thing in common among salespeople, it is their hatred towards CRM software. Ask any salesperson to make 20 extra calls or to meet five more prospects in person, and they will do that happily. But when it comes to entering customer data into CRM, most salespeople (if not all) would drag their feet and make a whole lot of excuses. As a business owner or a sales manager, you are perhaps aware of the benefits of using CRM – How it helps to improve customer retention or win new business. First things first, you should know what are the common excuses being used to avoid using CRM:

It is time consuming

Salespeople need to act fast. Most of them have a fixed salary, plus incentives for more sales. In an attempt to increase their earnings, many would work extra hours and make as many calls or face-to-face meetings as they can. While they are already pressed for time, entering to CRM software seems like a tedious task to them. What they do not understand is the fact that CRM would help consolidate all customer data into a single place, helping them access necessary information quickly, anytime and from anywhere. So instead of taking more time, CRM would actually help them save time in the long run. Hence making this one of the top reasons why a business needs a CRM software.

It is so complex

Some salespeople have a misconception that you need a degree in IT to be able to use CRM. Clearly, that’s a misconception. Yes, learning to use the tool is important, but there’s no steep learning curve. It’s as simple as learning to use a Smartphone or placing an online order for your favorite outfits.

It allows your competitors to access contact details of your prospects

A salesperson works hard to convince a prospective customer to buy from your company, and gets a commission when the customer makes a purchase. Think about it. Another salesperson is doing the same thing. No two salespeople would ever share the contact details of their prospects in the fear of losing a client or someone else enjoying the fruits of their hard work. But CRM makes all data accessible to everyone – which is why most salespeople are resistant to entering data into CRM. The counter argument is that would be this – you too can access contact details your competitor’s prospects.

It requires training

Not all CRM tools have the same features. Different systems are designed differently to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits. If you are used in using a certain CRM tool, you may still need to learn a few things before being accustomed to a different CRM system. Very little training is required to learn a new CRM tool, although you, as an employer, should make sure your sales team gets the necessary training.

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