Which is Better for Sales, High Tech vs High Touch?

While I was writing the previous issue on the complexities of selling in Asian culture, I realised that understanding that issue alone might not be sufficient enough to capture the concept of selling in the Asian context. Looking at the advancement in technology today, would we be too naïve to say that we are able to overlook these advancements? And would it be enough just to focus on interacting with our clients without the use of technology?


In the modern world today, technology has become so advanced that we are becoming dependent on it. Currently, about 80% of all online adults have smartphones. This has now changed the way we communicate with each other throughout the years. Even as we eat with our family and friends, we would still be communicating through our mobile phones instead of interacting face to face. However, have you ever stopped to think about how people communicated before the age of technology came about? Maybe not.

Before technology became so advanced, many companies have deployed sales agents to help them sell to their customers. This created a more personal human touch to the point of sales. In addition to this, sales agents managed to build rapport with their clients even after the sales transaction was made. This led to more repeated sales and referrals from their existing customers. This could be contributed to the fact that the sales agents was able to relate to the customer in a personal level while understanding the culture and issues of their customers.

As we move further into being a high tech society, do we still think that engaging customers in a high touch manner is important anymore? Although you might be thinking that being high tech is more important in this modern age, there are still some who think otherwise. We would like to explore this idea of automation in the world today while understanding the concept of selling in the Asian context. This would enable you to have a clearer perspective on Sales in Asia. I did mention that we will be discussing even further on fine tuning the sellers’ profile and sales processes towards the Asian context, which I will very soon. However, we still need to stop and think about which is better for sales, High Tech or High Touch?

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