How to boost your sales confidence

How to boost your sales confidence

Overflowing confidence and energetic personality are important personal qualities that are needed in sales. Confidence is an asset in which an individual have the courage to deal with other people with strong conviction. It is considered as a very useful tool in the business industry especially if you are working in the sales department. However, there are still many salespersons that lack confidence in dealing with their customers resulting to poor sales and performance. Don’t lose hope because soon you will be surprised how customers got engage with your products and services. Here are practical tips on how to increase your self-confidence in sales.

  1. Improve your foundational sales attributes

Confidence is not innate to people. It can be gained by equipping yourself with the right attitude and work ethics. There is no better way to boost your confidence than improving your competency in the foundational sales attributes which include self-discipline, emotional quotient, initiative, optimism, communication, determination, and competitiveness.

  1. Master your subject matter

Be an expert with your subject matter which is your product or service. Make sure you have broad knowledge about the industry you belong. Learn vocabularies and jargons that are important to know, use, and understand. Of course, you can’t do that without regular reading of books. Use your experience plus your acquired knowledge from reading to improve your marketing strategy as well as in establishing rapport with your customers. Bear in mind that most of the time, earning sales is just a matter of talking to your customers in a way that they can’t resist to say no to your product offering.

  1. Accept rejection but develop a more effective strategy

Rejection is stressful and emotionally difficult in sales. It is important for a salesperson to understand that in business it is normal to experience up and down moments, but it does not mean you will do nothing. Entertain positive thoughts to change your negative feelings that will surely affect your performance. Acknowledge the bad stuff to correct mistakes but focus on the good stuff for your improvement. Maybe you can focus on how to improve your style, your physical appearance, and your outlook in life.

  1. Assess and Track Your Own Performance

Weigh things at the end of the day to assess your overall performance plus your generated sales. Determine what went wrong and what went right. Improve your weaknesses and avoid trying to be perfect, it will just make you feel more pressure and disoriented. Whenever you feel disappointed about your weaknesses, try to comfort yourself by counting your positive qualities. After all, confidence is all about the way you perceive yourself. If you think you are the best, then you will not be hesitant to show your abilities to impress your customers, as well as your boss.

  1. Improve your sense of humor and make eye contact

 Talk to a lot of people where you get positive ideas. While talking to them, look at their eyes and listen carefully to what they say. Without you knowing, you became eloquent in talking and expressing your ideas. It is a good start to build your confidence and redeem yourself from frustrations. Doing such things will make you more at ease with people around you. Be true to yourself, laugh, and make witty jokes that can be useful when you deal with a potential client.

  1. Fake Your Emotions

 There are times that despite of your effort still you can’t avoid to feel down and unhappy. What else can you do? Why not fake your emotions and feel happy and act like you are confident. Pretend that you are the best person in your sales department. This way you are attracting positive vibes which might work in the long run. When you used to do it, it becomes easier to handle difficult situations.

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