power of persuasion

power of persuasion

Being persuasive does not mean having to beg for what you want. It is about convincing people in doing something through reasoning or argument. Learning to persuade people into doing something will help you in increasing your sales. Therefore, the power of persuasion is one of the most important aspect, often overlooked by many.One way in being more persuasive is to take note of your body language, voice matching and observation skills. These are key elements in your persuasion skills which you should look into closely in order for you to move nearer to your sales goals.

  1. Try ‘Matching’ your body language to the person you’re talking to

So basically replicate whatever the other person is doing. If he folds is arm, do the same. If he crosses his legs, follow him. Do not be too obvious though. The trick is to be subtle. You would not want him to think you are playing around with him.

  1. ‘Mirror’ your body language

Similar to ‘matching’, you ‘mirror’ the body language. So if the one you are talking to lifts his right hand, you will then lift your left hand. Again, be subtle. You might get punched this time if it is too obvious.

  1. Make sure the volume of your voice is at the same level as the other person.

You will need to match your voice level with the person you are talking to. Imagine if that person is talking to you softly but your voice is louder. It will seem as if you are shouting at him. The last thing you want your customer to feel, is being shouted at.

  1. Change the speed of your voice so it’s in time with your conversation.

It is important to match the pace of your speech with that person. You would not want to speak quickly when your customer speaks slowly. This will disrupt his train of thoughts and frustrate him further.

  1. Notice & remember what’s important to them.

Keep listening for words or topics that keep coming up. It is important enough for them to keep repeating it. Therefore, they would appreciate it if you mention those concerns as it would mean that you have been listening.

You could try to build a stronger and deeper connection with your customers by doing the above actions. Please remember to be subtle and do not make it look as if you are mimicking their every move. It might offend them if they thought of it that way. Once you do them in a subtle manner, you might be surprised by how much this will impact their response to your request. And you might just find they are more willing to help you!

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